Friday, March 11, 2011

How to Grow a Happy African Violet

A Happy African Violet

Here's a sure-fire recipe to grow a happy African violet:

1. Choose a healthy-looking plant with fleshy green leaves. Buy it blooming so you'll get the color blossoms that will make you happy.
2. Transplant into the upper half of a two-piece pot, the kind that is made for African violets. The bottom half of the pot holds water and is absorbed through the unglazed portion of the top pot into the soil. This prevents the most common cause of death for potted African violets, over or under watering. Use a good quality potting soil.
3. Place in a window that faces the south east. African violets love bright sunlight, but only in the morning.
4. Immediately after you pot your violet, pinch off all the blossoms. It takes a lot of energy for a plant to reproduce, so continue to pinch off the blossoms as they form to allow the foliage to grow lush.
5. When your plant is big and beautiful (or when you just can't wait anymore) allow the flowers to burst forth in all their glory. Pinch them off as soon as they wilt, and remove them all when they get sparse to allow the plant to regain strength to build up to another flower show.
6. About every three months, add a few drops of Miracle Grow Organic Choice liquid fertilizer to the water in the pot.
African Violet Flowers

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