Monday, June 27, 2011

New Potting Bench, Fried Okra Recipe

I've long wanted a potting bench with a nice deep sink for scrubbing and soaking pots and vegetables, so when I found this sink at a local Habitat store for just $10, I snatched it up. Bob was so inspired that he built this potting bench around my sink the very next day, just in time for washing all the okra I harvested from our garden. He installed a faucet as well as an extension of the garden hose for a sprayer. Right now I catch the water coming out of the drain in a 5 gallon bucket, and use that water to give my flowers a drink. I think he's brilliant and so very thoughtful!

Here's a recipe for fried okra, right below this photo of my wonderful new potting bench. You can see Bob and his "helpers" in the first picture.

My New Potting Bench
Fried Okra

-Slice fresh okra into 1/2 inch pieces. Toss with corn meal and salt. You can add things like cayenne pepper to the corn meal, but it's good just plain.
-Heat canola oil in large cast iron or other heavy bottom skillet. You only need enough oil to cover the bottom, and you can tell when the oil is hot enough if the okra sizzles when you toss a piece into the oil.
-Using slotted spoon, transfer okra to pan, shaking off excess cornmeal.
-Cook okra, turning frequently when the edges turn golden brown.
-Place browned okra in a serving dish and dust with salt to taste.
Note:  This okra is not going to be slimy if you A) don't crowd the pan and B) allow the pieces to brown before you turn them.

Frying Okra
With love from me to you...

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FarmgirlDeb said...

I absolutely LOVE this sink/bench! Love all the hooks attached to the side so everything stays just where it should. I can tell Bob is working up to building a chicken house!