Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Great Gardening APP for Your Smartphone

I have a shelf filled with books about gardening, but I have found the Garden Guide App for my smartphone indispensable. It's offered free of charge from Mother Earth News, and here are some photos of what you see on your phone when you pull it up and the things you will find there:

This is the icon that appears on your apps page. Just touch it and open a selection of pages. 

So you're standing in the lumber department at Home Depot, and you're thinking about building a cold frame to get your  spinach started early.  Open your Garden Guide App to the "techniques" page to discover what you need to complete your project. So handy!
Don't want to carry your gardening "how-to" book with you? Whip out your
Garden Guide App to refresh your memory about how to plant your vegetables by searching on the "Crops" page. 
You have to love an app that tells you how to plant your vegetables, suggests varieties,
discusses soil pH and nutrients, diseases, and how to harvest and prepare the fruits of your
labors. My gardening books can stay clean and tidy in my office on their shelf,
and my smartphone will make the trip to the garden (and the garden center) with me from now on.

Happy Gardening!

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