Friday, February 25, 2011

Martina Leslie Artwork & "Dooder"

"Rio Umbrellas" by Martina Leslie
"Girl with Adirondack Chair" by Martina Leslie

Just tell me these paintings don't make you feel the heat of the sun, hear the cries of sea gulls, and smell the ocean breeze!

I thought it would be nice to preview a bit of happiness from the beach today.

Martina has also written a delightful children's book, Dooder, that is filled with her original artwork. You can order this book directly HERE. You can find more information about Martina and acquire her artwork HERE. .

With love, from me to you,

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Rosemary said...

As soon as I bought the book Dooder, I anxiously tore open the box, and read the entire book! I told my husband about Dooder, and he wanted to read it, too! I would recommend this book for ages two through eleven, but it has a little something in it for all ages. Most of us have had a time in our life when we were "differen't" from others, and weren't accepted by society. This adorable little book has a happy ending, and can be a blessing to many children. Parents and grandparents will be blessed by the book, too. Dooder will be a wonderful gift for any child, and a wondeful addition to your child's library.