Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Quick & Easy Knitting Project & the Farm Peacock

Little thoughtful gifts from the heart remind your friends how much you love them. After one of my cross-country moves, I was pregnant and exhausted as my toddler and I unpacked boxes. I came close to tears when I found that my friend and old neighbor had tucked one of her hand-knitted dishcloths into the top of a box filled with pots and pans. I felt the warmth and comfort of her hug across the miles.

It takes little time to make pretty knitted dishcloths. I got the directions (posted below the video) from my Great Aunt Helen, who seldom sat for any length of time without a lap full of yarn and knitting needles or a  crochet hook in her hands. If you would like to learn how to knit (or just refresh your memory if you haven't done it in a while) watch this great video, and then enjoy completing this little project that you can use or give away to friends. Either way, you'll be happy that you made one. :-)

Aunt Helen’s Knitted Dishcloth

Dishcloth measures 12” square.
1 skein 100% Cotton Knit & Crochet Yarn (your favorite color!)
Knitting needles – 1 pr. No. 10
Guage:  7 sts = 2”; 5 rows = 1”

Starting at a corner, cast on 2 sts. 
Row 1: K1, yo, k1. 
Row 2: K1, yo, k to end of row.  Rep Row 2 until side edges measure 12” and end with an even number of sts on needle. 
Next Row: K2 tog, yo,  k2 tog, k to end of row.  Rep last row until 3 sts remain.
Last Row:  K2 tog, k1.
Fasten off.

Abbreviations: K = knit, st(s) = stitch(es);
tog = together; yo  = yarn over; rep = repeat.

Our Farm Peacock
With love, from me to you...

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