Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get Back Here, Gnomeo!

Warning! If you have an irrational fear of garden gnomes, please watch this video before exploring the rest of this post. (It will make you smile, it's so darn cute!)

There is a whole generation of us who were scared witless by that old Twilight Zone episode about the evil garden gnomes, but when I saw this little guy at Big Lots years ago, I knew he was the perfect gnome for my garden. You see, he carries a bell, so I knew that I'd be able to keep track of him if he decides to move around the yard....and stalk me in the dark.

Gnomeo's paint peeled and faded from being out in all the seasons, so this spring I scrubbed him and gave him a fresh coat of paint. It took me several hours because I sure didn't want him to be angry with me for doing a sloppy job.  

He's a happy little gnome now, all spiffy and in a perfect spot, shaded by a hank of clematis, in the midst of sweet smelling lemon balm, and at the edge of a lovely bird bath that I made.  However, just in case he's upset because I painted his tunic green instead of blue, I'm glad I've studied this manual. Maybe you should, too, in case he wanders into YOUR garden. Now, where the heck is that trowel? I swear I just set it down over there.....

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